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Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

To contact: fprinciotta@msn.com

1) Creatures: They Can't Take it Any More

2) Century Train: A view of the future?

3) This Song is For You: The Newton tragedy

4) Downsizing Blues:

5) Just a Stray Cat: not really tame not really wild

6) My Chestnut Tree (based on Georges Ware poem):

7)Should I Stay or Should I Go?: .

8)My Little Best Friend:

9) Maybe Someday: war is just a memory

10) The Tears Flowed Wide World Round- JFK

11) Guns: "they must go"

12) Lost on Memory Lane: nostalgia  for the "good old days"

13) It Could Have Been:

14) The Farewell Day: a better way to say goodbye

15) This Too Shall Pass Away: everything ends

16) Lets Roll (Flight 93):

17) Challenger: They Fly High

18) Just Passing Through:

19) We Will Never Pass This Way Again: A time traveller

20) Just Ours to Loan: We don't weave life's web we're just 1 strand

21) Time, Where Did You Go?

22) Our Gift of Time; precious and fleeting

23) Our Beautiful Home: Earth our mother and our home

24) We Never Know Why: we know the what and where but not why

25) Mankind: are we sages or just brutes with fancy clothes?




1. Creatures
2. Century Train
3. This Song is For You - Newton tragedy
4. Downsizing Blues
5. Just a Stray Cat
6. My Chestnut Tree
7. Should I Leave or Should I Stay?
8. My Little Best Friend
9. Maybe Someday
10. The Tears Flowed Wide World Round-JFK
11. Guns
12. Lost on Memory Lane
13. It Could Have Been...If only...
14. The Farewell Day?
15. This Too Shall Pass Away
16. Let's Roll Flight 93
17. They Fly High-Challenger Disaster
18. We Are Just Passing Through
19. We Will Never Pass This Way Again
20. Just Ours to Loan
21. Time Where Did You Go?
22. Our Gift of Time
23. Our Beautiful Home
24. We Never Know Why
25. Mankind