Songs of the Month

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

Date: 12/26/2017





Songs of the Month

Songs of the Month for December 2017. Five upgraded songs plus 19 songs upgraded over the last two years

1) Creatures: They Can't Take it Any More

2) Mr. Jefferson-What would you say?

3) The English Rose Across the Sea

4) Before Its Too Late

5) Just a Stray Cat: not really tame not really wild

6)Beautiful America: which way will she go?.

7)The Pumpkin Man: Donald J.

8)Maybe Someday: war is just a memory

9)ISIS: Masters of Hate

10)Guns: they must go"

11)Lost on Memory Lane: nostalgia  for the "good old days"

12)Money Makes the World Go Round: despite more important priorities

13)The Farewell Day: a better way to say goodbye

14)This Too Shall Pass Away: everything ends

15)I Can't Figure It Out: more questions than answers

16)An Isle All Alone: ready to escape his urban lifestyle

17)I'll Never See You Again: or will he?

18)I Can Not Stay (My Song is Song): looking back on a long life

19)Just Ours to Loan: We don't weave life's web we're just 1 strand

20)Time, Where Did You Go?

21)Our Gift of Time; precious and fleeting

22)Our Beautiful Home: Earth our mother and our home

23)We Never Know Why: we know the what and where but not why

24) Mankind: are we sages or just brutes with fancy clothes?


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1. Creatures: They Can't Take it Any More
2. Mr. Jefferson-What would you say?
3. The English Rose Across the Sea
4. Before its Too Late
5. Just a Stray Cat
6. Beautiful America
7. Pumpkin Man
8. Maybe Someday
9. ISIS Masters of Hate
10. Guns
11. Lost on Memory Lane
12. Money Makes the World Go Round
13. The Farewell Day?
14. This Too Shall Pass Away
15. I Can't Figure It Out
16. An Isle All Alone
17. I'll Never See You Again
18. I Can Not Stay
19. Just Ours to Loan
20. Time Where Did You Go?
21. Our Gift of Time
22. Our Beautiful Home
23. We Never Know Why
24. Mankind