Album Heart rock music - Values...


Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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1. The Working Man (a dying breed) play/download
2. They Say I'm a Bum (simple priorities: wine woman and song) play/download
3. Downsizing Blues (you're fired-but thanks for all those years) play/download
4. Dad's Not Cool Anymore (the danger of peer presure) play/download
5. The Fire's Glow (four men with one log each-one dying fire, can they collaborate?) play/download
6. I Want to Be Free (& no female nagging me) play/download
7. How did he live? (not how he died!) play/download
8. An Isle All Alone (a man fed up with big city life) play/download
9. The Jerk (who needs beer in a can and pictures on a screen?) play/download
10. One Last Day (says the Grim Reaper, what would you do?) play/download
11. The Optiman (has it all figured out: survival of the fittest) play/download
12. Pass the Grass (a teenager's dangerous plea) play/download
13. Priorities (right wing philosophy) play/download
14. Sorrow walked with me (sorrow can be educational) play/download
15. Truth (a rare and sparkling gem) play/download

Heart rock music - Values...