Album Heart rock music - Goodbyes...

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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1. Beautiful Spring (life transitions like the seasons) play/download
2. Goodbye Little Girl (the many goodbyes in a person's life) play/download
3. Bob and Jack (Bob Hope and John (Jack) Ritter Die in 2003) play/download
4. Do Not Weep For Me (a plea from the grave) play/download
5. On My Way (time to leave a relationship) play/download
6. Carry On (when I'm gone) play/download
7. Sung is Sung (time has run out) play/download
8. Should I Go or Should I Stay? (Is it time to say goodbye?) play/download
9. Goodbye, Farewell (farewells along time's path) play/download

Heart rock music - Goodbyes...