Album Heart rock music - Tragedy...

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta




1. Tears Flowed Wide World Round (the JFK assasination) download
2. Lady Be Good (a WWII bomber is lost) download
3. Made in America (Oklahoma terrorism) download
4. Lets Roll (Flight 93 9-11-2001) download
5. Three Grains of Corn (Irish famine based on poem) download
6. Trail of Tears (White men find gold Red men must go) download
7. Dunblane (16 children massacred in Dunblane, Scotland) download
8. The Young and the Brave (the Challenger disaster) download
9. Masters of Hate (9-11-2001) download

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Heart rock music - Tragedy...

Original songs remembering historical tragedy, in the Heart Rock style. The music combines features of rock, folk, country, gospel and blues. The lyrics are strong, direct and from the heart. The aim is to highlight important thought provoking issues through the power of music. Most have a strong rhythm or rock component. Songs are written, performed and recorded by Frank Princiotta ( over a 45 year period. He is responsible for all aspects of this collection including arrangements, instrument selection, mixing and recording. The songs are copyrighted but have not been published. The Heart Rock collection comprises a total of 220 songs, all of comparable quality and all written and performed with the goal of exploring thought provoking themes.