Album Hear Rock Music-Tragedy...

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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1. Tears Flowed Wide World Round (the JFK assassination) play/download
2. Lady Be Good (a WWII bomber is lost) play/download
3. Made in America (Oklahoma terrorism) play/download
4. Lets Roll (Flight 93 9-11-2001) play/download
5. Three Grains of Corn (Irish famine based on poem) play/download
6. Trail of Tears (White men find gold Red men must go) play/download
7. Dunblane (16 children massacred in Dunblane, Scotland) play/download
8. The Young and the Brave (the Challenger disaster) play/download
9. Masters of Hate (9-11-2001) play/download

Heart rock music - Tragedy...