Album Heart Rock Music - Evil


Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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1. Masters of Hate (9-11-2001) play/download
2. Dunblane (16 children massacred in Dunblane, Scotland) play/download
3. Anne Frank (this dedicate to the girl lost in the Nazi cesspool) play/download
4. Kinder Train (a train takes children away fom the Nazi menace) play/download
5. Will We Ever Learn (Bosnia cleansing, here we go again) play/download
6. March With Me (the dangerous call of a dictator) play/download
7. Josef My Friend (Hitler looks back to the good old days) play/download
8. Purveyors of Hate (Oklahoma bombing of federal building) play/download

Lyrics Heart rock music - evil

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