Winds of Time Vol.4 - Lost on Memory Lane

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta


Date: Feb., 2011

1. Lost on Memory Lane (looking back with nostalgia) play/download
2. Money Makes the World Go Round (money trumps everything) play/download
3. My Colonoscopy (attack from the rear) play/download
4. Trail of Tears (White men fing gold, Red men must go) play/download
5. Life is a Winding Road (life meanders like a winding road) play/download
6. Seconds (time rolls on second by second) play/download
7. Guns (all they do is kill, wound and maim-again) play/download
8. Gift of Time (our greatest yet most underappreciated gift-time) play/download
9. Tea Party (The Right Wing's political anthem) play/download
10. The English Rose (Dedicated to Princess Diana) play/download
11. Little Best Friend (a dog ages faster than his master) play/download
12. Plenty of Time (time moves faster than this man thinks) play/download
13. Thats What Mothers Do (the gifts from Mother Earth are defiled) play/download
14. On Your Backs We Stand (dedicated to fathers who came before) play/download
15. Another Day is Gone (time moves relentlessly and just one way) play/download

The Winds of Time Vol.4 Lost on Memory Lane