Winds of Time Vol.4 - Lost on Memory Lane

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

Date: Feb., 2011



1. Lost on Memory Lane (looking back with nostalgia) download
2. Money Makes the World Go Round (money trumps everything) download
3. My Colonoscopy (attack from the rear) download
4. Trail of Tears (White men fing gold, Red men must go) download
5. Life is a Winding Road (life meanders like a winding road) download
6. Seconds (time rolls on second by second) download
7. Guns (all they do is kill, wound and maim-again) download
8. Gift of Time (our greatest yet most underappreciated gift-time) download
9. Tea Party (The Right Wing's political anthem) download
10. The English Rose (Dedicated to Princess Diana) download
11. Little Best Friend (a dog ages faster than his master) download
12. Plenty of Time (time moves faster than this man thinks) download
13. Thats What Mothers Do (the gifts from Mother Earth are defiled) download
14. On Your Backs We Stand (dedicated to fathers who came before) download
15. Another Day is Gone (time moves relentlessly and just one way) download

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The Winds of Time Vol.4 Lost on Memory Lane