Winds of Time Vol. 2 - Earth Our Mother & Our Home

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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Date: July, 2009

1. Children Forever (dedicated to children who die young) play/download
2. Creatures (creatures revolt against man) play/download
3. Downsizing Blues (the sorrow of expendability) play/download
4. It Could Have Been (the four saddest words) play/download
5. Jimbo (a lost friend from long ago) play/download
6. Our Mother & Our Home (Mother Earth) play/download
7. Right Side of the Road (the clarion call from the right wing) play/download
8. Sell it on the Mountain (money trumps everything) play/download
9. Sheep (the danger of blindly follow the master) play/download
10. Stay Away (beware of female temptations) play/download
11. The Day Justice Died (the OJ Simpson trial) play/download
12. The Day the Mtn Cried (the crime of mountaintop removal) play/download
13. The Working Man (to those who don't sit on their tails all day) play/download
14. The King is Dead (Elvis and youth are gone) play/download
15. The Winds of Time (times flows relentlessly) play/download
16. Trees (a child learns of big plants in history class) play/download
17. What You Gonna Do? (a challenge to envronmental agnostics) play/download

Winds of Time, Vol. 2 - Our Mother and Our Home