Winds Of Time, Vol. 6 - It Could Have Been

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

Date: May, 2012

1. It Could Have Been (looking back with regret) play/download
2. Rock & Roll From Long Ago (Rock and Roll decays over time) play/download
3. The Grim Reaper(2012 version) (semi-humorous look at death) play/download
4. Beth's Song: Your My Ray of Sun (a dad worries about his girl's future) play/download
5. Life is a Winding Road (we ride into the unknown) play/download
6. Anne Frank (dedicated to Anne Frank- lost to the Nazis) play/download
7. A Father Speaks (father tries to dodge his demanding kids) play/download
8. Where Did Summer Go? (the prime of life is fleeting) play/download
9. I Can't Figure It Out (many questions-few answers) play/download
10. What's It All About (a puzzled man asks tough questions) play/download
11. My Song is Sung (the finality of life) play/download
12. Never See You Again (the permanence of death) play/download
13. Are You Proud? (a parent of a dead child lashes out at death) play/download
14. Aging Blues (2012 version) (a man laments his lost youth) play/download