Winds Of Time, Vol. 6 - It Could Have Been

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

Date: May, 2012



1. It Could Have Been (looking back with regret) download
2. Rock & Roll From Long Ago (Rock and Roll decays over time) download
3. The Grim Reaper(2012 version) (semi-humorous look at death) download
4. Beth's Song: Your My Ray of Sun (a dad worries about his girl's future) download
5. Life is a Winding Road (we ride into the unknown) download
6. Anne Frank (dedicated to Anne Frank- lost to the Nazis) download
7. A Father Speaks (father tries to dodge his demanding kids) download
8. Where Did Summer Go? (the prime of life is fleeting) download
9. I Can't Figure It Out (many questions-few answers) download
10. What's It All About (a puzzled man asks tough questions) download
11. My Song is Sung (the finality of life) download
12. Never See You Again (the permanence of death) download
13. Are You Proud? (a parent of a dead child lashes out at death) download
14. Aging Blues (2012 version) (a man laments his lost youth) download

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