Winds Of Time, Vol. 5 - I Wonder Why (2)

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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Date: December 2011

1. I Wonder Why (the mystery of life) play/download
2. She Loves Us Eternally (a mother's love is eternal) play/download
3. Write a R&R Song (a songwriter writes commercially) play/download
4. May You Remember Me (a parent passes the torch to his son) play/download
5. The World Turns Round (despite our problems-the world still turns) play/download
6. Never Again (a tragic misunderstanding) play/download
7. Maybe Someday (wars just memories-maybe someday) play/download
8. All Worn Out (time can wear down the body and the soul) play/download
9. Equalize (death-the ultimate equalizer) play/download
10. Technology (we pay the price for technology) play/download
11. The War is Finally Won (a dream about the day cancer is cured) play/download
12. Where Did the Children Go? (we conquer death-a victory or a defeat) play/download
13. Flanders Field (a visit to a World War I cemetery) play/download
14. The Farewell Day (a better way to die?) play/download
15. Josef(Stalin) My Friend (Hitler looks back) play/download