Winds Of Time, Vol. 5 - I Wonder Why (2)

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

Date: December 2011



1. I Wonder Why (the mystery of life) download
2. She Loves Us Eternally (a mother's love is eternal) download
3. Write a R&R Song (a songwriter writes commercially) download
4. May You Remember Me (a parent passes the torch to his son) download
5. The World Turns Round (despite our problems-the world still turns) download
6. Never Again (a tragic misunderstanding) download
7. Maybe Someday (wars just memories-maybe someday) download
8. All Worn Out (time can wear down the body and the soul) download
9. Equalize (death-the ultimate equalizer) download
10. Technology (we pay the price for technology) download
11. The War is Finally Won (a dream about the day cancer is cured) download
12. Where Did the Children Go? (we conquer death-a victory or a defeat) download
13. Flanders Field (a visit to a World War I cemetery) download
14. The Farewell Day (a better way to die?) download
15. Josef(Stalin) My Friend (Hitler looks back) download

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