Winds of Times Vol. 3 - I Wonder Why (1)

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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Date: November, 2009

1. I Wonder Why (why does time move so fast?) play/download
2. Aging Blues (the challenge of aging) play/download
3. Before Its Too Late (time to readjust priorities) play/download
4. Tears Flowed Wide World Round (The JFK assassination) play/download
5. Dad Why? (a child asks tough questions) play/download
6. Its Time To Fly (a daughter leaves the nest) play/download
7. Slip Sliding Away (time moves relentlessly) play/download
8. Turned 40 Just the Other Day (looking back to Brooklyn origins) play/download
9. Grim Reaper (he waits patiently at the end of the road) play/download
10. Castles in the Sand (is life just a fleeting apparition?) play/download
11. Tomorrow (the ultimate mystery) play/download
12. The Sage (the search for the meaning of life) play/download
13. The Glide (after child bearing years-we glide- downward) play/download
14. I Ask of You (a man asks his descendants about the future) play/download
15. Should I Go (is it time to leave?) play/download
16. Going Going Gone (the tragic trail of Alzheimer's) play/download

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