Album Heart rock music - family...

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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1. Mothers From Long Ago (dedicated to mothers of the past) play/download
2. Its Time To Fly (a daughter leaves the family nest) play/download
3. Where Did the Little Girl Go? (Dad's little girl turns into a snarling teenager) play/download
4. Beth's Song (A father worries about his little girl's future) play/download
5. Hi Mom! (a visit to a cemetery where a mother is interned) play/download
6. I leave These Songs to You (a songwriter leaves his songs to his children) play/download
7. I Was There (a father expects his daughter to "be there" like he was) play/download
8. Just a House (moving out of the old family house brings back memories) play/download
9. May You Remember Me (a father asks to be remembered after he is gone) play/download
10. Maybe Someday You Will Smile (a father hopes his teenager will mellow with age) play/download
11. My Son John (a father wishes the best for his son in this troubled world) play/download
12. I Never Said Goodbye (a son regrets never saying goodbye to his departed father) play/download
13. Not So Cool (pressure on teenagers: you can't get lost if you follow the crowd) play/download
14. Richard's Song (a departed brother tries to explain his departure) play/download
15. Tom's Song (Old Bronze Shoe) (a small child grows up so fast) play/download
16. We Will Shine the Light (parents wish the best for their troubled child) play/download
16. Xmas Not the Same (with children grown and parents gone, Xmas not the same) play/download

 Heart rock music - Family...