When Will We Learn? Songs Dedicated to Mother Earth

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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Date: Upgraded January 2017


1. Creatures (the day creatures revolt against mankind) play/download
2. Just Ours To Loan (Inspired by Chief Seattle) play/download
3. Not So Long Ago (a young person looks back on a healthy Earth) play/download
4. The Day the Mtn Cried (the savagery of mountain top coal mining) play/download
5. Beautiful Home (the lost beauty of Earth is mourned) play/download
6. Mankind (what is our destiny-does anybody know?) play/download
7. Earth: Our Mother and Our Home play/download
8. So Far Away (a trans-galactic astronaut pines for Earth) play/download
9. When Will We Learn (can we change our ways in time?) play/download
10. What You Gonna Do? (Joe six-pack oblivious to Earth's decay) play/download
11. Trees (a child learns about trees in a history class) play/download
12. Brothers & Sisters (a call to action to protect the home planet) play/download
13. Right Side (the view of the world from the right side of the road) play/download
14. Lost In Space (beautiful Earth in the blackness of space) play/download
15. Who Stole the Rain (Earth turns brown and dry) play/download
16. 3rd Rock From the Sun (a beautiful world now the 3rd rock from the sun) play/download
17. Where Were You Dad? (A son chastises his Dad) play/download

The Winds of Time - When Will We Learn? Songs Dedicated to Mother Earth