When Will We Learn? Songs Dedicated to Mother Earth

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

Date: Upgraded January 2017



1. Creatures (the day creatures revolt against mankind) download
2. Just Ours To Loan (Inspired by Chief Seattle) download
3. Not So Long Ago (a young person looks back on a healthy Earth) download
4. The Day the Mtn Cried (the savagery of mountain top coal mining) download
5. Beautiful Home (the lost beauty of Earth is mourned) download
6. Mankind (what is our destiny-does anybody know?) download
7. Earth: Our Mother and Our Home download
8. So Far Away (a trans-galactic astronaut pines for Earth) download
9. When Will We Learn (can we change our ways in time?) download
10. What You Gonna Do? (Joe six-pack oblivious to Earth's decay) download
11. Trees (a child learns about trees in a history class) download
12. Brothers & Sisters (a call to action to protect the home planet) download
13. Right Side (the view of the world from the right side of the road) download
14. Lost In Space (beautiful Earth in the blackness of space) download
15. Who Stole the Rain (Earth turns brown and dry) download
16. 3rd Rock From the Sun (a beautiful world now the 3rd rock from the sun) download
17. Where Were You Dad? (A son chastises his Dad) download

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The Winds of Time - When Will We Learn? Songs Dedicated to Mother Earth