The Winds of Time, Vol. 1 - One of These Days

Artist: Frank Princiotta

Album Author: Frank Princiotta

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Date: Jan. 2009

1. One of These Days (trying to renew an old friendship) play/download
2. Mothers From Long Ago (dedicated to mothers long gone) play/download
3. Trees (a child asks about big plants in history class) play/download
4. The End of the Road (where do we go at the end of life?) play/download
5. We Never Pass This Way Again (time flows just one way) play/download
6. Century Train (a man rides a train ride 100 years in the future) play/download
7. Backwards (what if we grew younger not older?) play/download
8. Lets Roll (Flight 93) (9-11-2001) play/download
9. Mankind (what is our destiny?) play/download
10. Rock & Roll From Long Ago (looking back fondly) play/download
11. We Never Know Why (we know what,where & when but not the why) play/download
12. Where Did the Little Girl Go (Dad's girl transforms to a teenager!) play/download
12. The Fire's Glow (cold winds blow: four men with logs one dying fire) play/download

The Winds of Time, Vol. 1 - One of These Days